Valley Presbyterian Hospital - TeamCare & WellnessFX

Complete your Wellness Activity & Save up to $520!

As an employee wellness benefit, Valley Presbyterian Hospital - TeamCare is offering employees a FREE WellnessFX Blood Draw AND Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to help you to better understand and improve your health. Save up to $520 on your Annual Health Benefits Plan Premium for choosing to participate in your VPH Wellness Activity!

VPH will have on-site events available during the month of October. Please log into your account to schedule your appointment time*. If you would prefer to test at a lab, you may visit any Quest Diagnostic Lab convenient to you, no later than December 1, 2021. Should you choose to visit a Quest lab for your draw, please first review the requirements. APPOINTMENTS ARE REQUIRED 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE OF EVENTS. Walk-ins will only be seen if approved by HR staff at each events.

Don’t forget to complete your HRA!

How It Works

  • Attend Your Blood Draw

  • Review Your Results

What's Included

Your WellnessFX blood test includes the following biomarkers:

  • Lipid Panel
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • HbA1c
WellnessFX has the best source of information on my health, in one place, with easy-to-see changes from one test period to the next. It gives me a road map and incentive to improve my health.
Rick H.
How does my family member sign up?
If your spouse is eligible for medical benefits, you will be able to view his or her name here. Select your name and follow the prompts to create your account. Once created, a link will be provided for the additional family member to sign up. Eligible family members may also sign up at the original sign up link.
How much does this cost?
Valley Presbyterian Hospital - TeamCare is providing a basic blood test to all employees and their spouses at no cost to you.
When do I have to complete this by?
If you do not have your blood drawn during your onsite biometric screening event, you may visit a local Quest Patient Service Center. Please see the FAQ below to learn more about what is required prior to visiting a Quest lab near you.
What do I need to know before visiting a Quest Patient Service Center to get my free blood draw?
  1. Create your free WellnessFX account.
  2. From the “print your lab form” tab, print out a copy of your lab order. This form is required at the Quest lab.
  3. You can find your local Quest Patient Service center by clicking here.
  4. No food or drink for the 12 hours before your blood draw except plain water.
  5. Be sure to drink plenty of water the day before your blood draw.

IMPORTANT: Quest requires scheduled appointments. If you visit Quest without an appointment (walk-in), you will be asked to schedule an appointment at that time, which may or may not be on that same day, depending on availability. If you choose to schedule an appointment online, you will be asked "Who is sending you for testing?" (see image below). Do NOT choose the "Employer" option. Instead, choose the "Purchased My Own Test" option. You will not be charged for your blood draw but you must choose this option when scheduling your appointment.

I'm having trouble creating an account or logging in.
If you're having trouble, contact Delta TeamCare at (866) 724‑0032.
What personal information is shared with my employer?
Absolutely no information regarding test results for you or your spouse is shared with any employer or local union.
What happens to my account if I leave Valley Presbyterian Hospital - TeamCare?
If you leave Valley Presbyterian Hospital - TeamCare you will still have access to your WellnessFX account and may purchase WellnessFX products such as diagnostics and consultations. If you signed up with a work-related email address and wish to update it, you may do so under your WellnessFX Account Settings.

Have questions? Contact our amazing support team at