Resort Program

WellnessFX provides member guests with personal health data displayed in an intuitive visualization coupled with top-notch wellness experts to provide an individualized recommendation and health plan. By enabling a personal health relationship through technology and access, we delight and help you engage and retain your guests in a personalized and sustainable way.

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Why WellnessFX

  • Strengthen guest engagement resulting in more repeat visitors
  • Position yourself as the "Year-round Health and Wellness Care Team"
  • Give your staff & practitioners a reason to communicate with guests before & after their stay
  • Increase revenue from re-selling and bundling WellnessFX packages
WellnessFX saved my life. Without it, I would have struggled through more specialists, different drug treatments, and continued fatigue and ill health. Now, I'm in control to optimize my health.
Juliet Starrett, CrossFit San Francisco Owner

Year-round Health and Wellness Care Team

Your guests will each have access to their own personal health visualization, a secure web-based platform that provides them with a rich, understandable explanation of their health data. With more than 30 biomarkers measured in Baseline alone, your guests will have the predictive diagnostics necessary to make them feel like their stay at your resort healed them literally from the inside out.

Increased Revenue

Bring in more revenue through wholesale purchasing and reselling of WellnessFX diagnostics. Your resort will have the option of either providing guest nutritional phone consultations with your own resort staff or with a WellnessFX practitioner. Each resort is different, so our WellnessFX team will sit down with your management team to discuss how we customize the partnership to best suit your strengths and needs.

Guest Engagement

Attract new guests by offering a cutting-edge concierge medical program. To see clear trends, guests will want to continue their engagement with your resort. In turn, you will enjoy a higher percentage of repeat customer visits through telemedicine follow-ups 3-6 months after their initial stay.

A Competitive Edge

By rounding out your wellness services to include individualized biomarker data, you will have an edge over the competition. Your guests will be more engaged with your resort and more invested in the longer-term opportunity it provides for re-testing, coaching, and consultations on a regular basis.