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There are few wellness centers that are available when you need them. With work, family, and otherwise hectic schedules, you need a wellness center that meets your schedule, not the other way around. WellnessFX's online platform is an affordable, flexible alternative to scheduling a doctor's appointment and paying high deductibles and lab fees.

Members are offered a deep awareness of their health through a combination of advanced blood tests, tracking personal data through an online dashboard, and the option of telehealth consultations with certified health professionals.

As a virtual wellness center, WellnessFX members avoid making doctor's appointments, traffic, waiting rooms, or missing a lot of work. Even practitioner consultations are made according to your schedule, with a physician or nutritionist who fits your unique health and lifestyle needs. Every practitioner is chosen through a rigorous screening process that tests his or her knowledge of the most cutting-edge health information.

At WellnessFX, our secure online dashboard lets you keep track of your progress with intuitive biomarker descriptions and personalized recommendations from your practitioner consultation. Know yourself from the inside-out with insights that guide you in making the right health decisions for your unique biology.

This online wellness center combines extensive blood tests with advanced technology so you can take control of your health without the hassle of a doctor's office or a referral. Each personal dashboard is safe and secure, providing only the most comprehensive visualizations of your health from the inside.


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