In today's modern tech-savvy society, telehealth has become an essential way to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What is telehealth and why has it become so popular? It is an electronic delivery of health-related services via the Internet or over the phone. As our lives become more Internet-based, tracking and trending your health from home is becoming a viable option for maintaining health. If you've been putting off that doctor's appointment because you don't have time to drive in traffic and waiting in the waiting room, WellnessFX can help. All of our services are available online and via telehealth consultations with certified health practitioners.

WellnessFX empowers you to understand and improve your biological health by combining advanced biomarker analysis with an intuitive health dashboard to help keep track of your results. These medical records are yours, so you can share them with your spouse, your physician, whomever you want.

Include a telehealth consultation with one of our licensed practitioners and add personalized recommendations that can be implemented immediately for optimized health.

Our team of practitioners specialize in a variety of areas, from heart health to endurance training to women's health. Choose a specialist based on your own unique diet, exercise, and lifestyle goals and schedule a one-on-one telehealth consultation from the comfort of your own home.

At WellnessFX, you'll get answers about your health without the hassle of doctors' appointments or referrals. Our low-priced e-Checkup includes blood tests ordered by a physician and performed by a licensed laboratory. Tests include biomarkers that are typically ordered in an annual checkup, but so much more.


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